How to download a website for offline browsing

If you need to download websites entirely or partially, you should use the ideal website downloader software - Website Ripper Copier. Please feel free to evaluate the trial version of Website Ripper Copier, and experience its features and benefits before purchase.

Step 1

Select "Copy Web sites for offline browsing" option and New Project Creator Wizard will launch, please see above.

Step 2

Starting addresses

Enter the address of a website that you want to download. For example:

Web authentication

Website Ripper Copier can access protected Web sites (Web authentication sites and form-based / cookie-based authentication sites). If the site prompts you for a password in order to access it, you may enter the web authentication info here. For form-based / cookie-based authentication sites, please see the Help file (choose Help menu item on the Help main menu) of the program on the topic of "How to Copy Protected Web Sites."

Step 3

Exploration depth

You may choose how deeply the program should explore from the starting page.

Internet servers

Whether you want to download web pages of another sites if the starting site links to them. By default, this value is "No". If you select "Yes", your project could run endlessly since other sites can link to other sites as well! If you choose "Yes" option, you may use page filters to include or exclude web pages, to avoid a project runs forever.

Advanced page filters

Website Ripper Copier offers powerful, unique Web page filters (Internet resources filtration by link inner-text/description, URL, filename of URL) to retrieve your desired Web pages, or to avoid unwanted Web pages.

Step 4

File types and sizes

The "File types and sizes" section lets you to choose what types of files the program should download. By default, HTML, Image, and Plug-in file types are selected for downloading websites. If you want to download everything of a website, you should select both HTML and Non-HTML file types.

Advance download filters

Again, Website Ripper Copier offers powerful, unique file filters (Internet resources filtration by link inner-text/description, URL, filename of URL) to retrieve your desired files, or to avoid unwanted files.

Step 5

Project configuration

This is the last step of a project setup, where you can configure how your project should run.

Save > Save directory

You may specify which folder on your computer the program should save the website data to.

That's it! With a few simple steps, Website Ripper Copier will download your desired websites, and you can view them offline using any web browser!

Website Ripper Copier automatically adjusts downloaded website links; thus, the downloaded site will work if you burn the downloaded site to CD or DVD, or copy it to data storage devices, like USB Flash drive, external hard disk etc.

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